Get Unlimited Access To Quality Health With The Best Primary Care

No one should be denied primary, and at Partida Corona Medical Center, we practice it every day. Our Las Vegas primary care doctor is trained to provide exceptional care at affordable rates. When you book our membership plan, you will get access to unlimited visits, extended office hours, direct communication with our doctor by phone, text, or in person. We attend to emergencies and are just a phone call away at 702-565-6004. As the leading direct primary care center, we focus on treating your overall health without third parties’ unnecessary involvement. You can visit our website and learn more about our treatment facilities and get to know us better. 

Benefits Passed To You 

When you book an appointment and take our membership plan, you will get exclusive benefits at our Las Vegas direct primary care. Some of the services include:

  • Simple and convenient appointment time with our doctor
  • You will get a Same-day or next-day appointment with remote access to doctors. 
  • No copays or involvement of third parties
  • Extended office visits and better flexibility
  • Easy membership plans of only $75 a month
  • Wellness education and coordination with care specialists
  • General treatment and chronic pain management

Avoid The Complexities Of Healthcare

DPC or direct primary care removes the complexities of health care for patients. Our Las Vegas doctor establishes a direct relationship with their patients because we work for you, not TPA. We deviate from the traditional health model and give more time to patients who care for their overall health. 

Spend More Time With Your Doctor With Las Vegas Direct Care

Open communication between doctors and patients has always been the cornerstone of primary care. But more and more doctors are being pressured to see more patients in less time. At Partida Corona Medical Center, our Las Vegas doctor acts a little differently. He believes in providing personalized primary care and establishing a close bond with his patients. 

Our practice is small enough to give you individual attention and more extensive to accommodate any complexities. We offer preventative care services that take care of your health aligned to your goals. Discover dedicated primary care the way it was meant to be by visiting our website or walking into our center at 2950 E Flamingo Rd Suite E, Las Vegas, NV, 89121.

Friendly Approach To Healthcare

We understand the anxiety of our patients when they visit a physician. The long waiting, unmindful attention, and short time don’t allow them much time to discuss their issues. Our team at Las Vegas direct primary care believes that you deserve something better. We offer concierge medicine to meet few patients and provide them with the individual attention they wish. 

You can talk to her doctor whenever you want in a 24X7 setting. He will meet you via phone call @ 702-565-6004, chat or video calling, and address your immediate concerns. You can also have same day or next day appointments at an hour convenient for you. If you are interested in this compassionate care level, call our expert Las Vegas primary care doctor and become a member of our family. 

Contact Us:

Partida Corona Medical Center
Address: 2950 E Flamingo Rd Suite E, Las Vegas, NV 89121, USA
Phone: 702-565-6004

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